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Exclusive Forum
Designed to provide practitioners with the most current tools and research on botanical and nutritional medicine for improved patient outcomes.
Facilitated by Experts
Our Medical Educator brings over a decade of experience using botanical and nutritional medicine in a clinical setting.
Clinical Applications
Learn how to create protocols that address complex issues with botanical and nutritional formulas.

Natura's Medical Educator


“We are excited to bring a deeper level of connectivity and education to our community of Natura professionals. We look forward to stimulating important conversations with practitioners, as well as to answering any questions you have about our products or our approach to integrative medicine.
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Join host, Natura EDU Medical Educator, Dr. Jason "Cedar" Miller, DACM, LAc, each month as he delves into the clinical applications of nutritional and botanical medicine. Drawing on over 15 years of clinical practice, Dr. Miller has developed an integrative approach that bridges the time-honored theory and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern biomedical therapies and diagnostic tools. As an integrative practitioner, he is able to offer his peers a holistic perspective on the conditions their patients face, providing support and guidance through his collaborative approach.

Natura EDU is a professional educational platform designed to provide practitioners with the most current tools and research on utilizing botanicals and nutrients to achieve improved outcomes and lifetime wellness care for their patients. We hope to stimulate important conversations among researchers and integrative care practitioners, and to contribute to the ever-growing body of research on botanical and nutritional medicine.